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About Finclick Elite Cards

Experience unique benefits, gifts, cashback, and discounts on financial services, education, dining, travel, and more.

Large Savings

Save upto minimum Rs,5,00,000/- per annum (or) even more with Finclick Elite Cards & its associate partners

Exclusive Ultra Luxurious Tour

On 15,000 Points, Get Tour to Dubai / Malaysia & much more. If you are travelling in India, Get GOA – Lakshadweep Ultra Luxurious Cruise Package!

Attractive Cash Backs

Now get attractive cash back on any products or services that uses from Finclick, additionally you are entitled to get offers from the merchants onboarded.

Huge Discounts

Get innumerable discounts on Financial Products, Services & Financial Education. Along with that you will get weekly updates & discounts on various HOTELS Stays, Healthcare, Eateries, Pubs, Healthcare & much more.

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  • Save more than Rs.5,00,000/- Per Annum
  • Earn a Trip to Dubai / Malaysia & more
  • Attractive Cash Backs, Gifts & 5X Reward Points

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Soujoy Chatterjee

FinClick Elite Cards is one of the most happening cards in the industry, It is a must card for professionals & Business man

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