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Comprehensive range of financial and business solutions tailored to your needs. From corporate insurance to asset resolutions, we've got you covered.

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Group Health Insurance

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Project Financing

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Debt Syndication

Asset Resolutions

Non-Performing Assets

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Why partner with us?

Discover the reasons to partner with us, from strong industry connections to delivering the best deals and empowering employee benefits.

Strong Industry Connect

With connect more than 350+ Banks, NBFCs, UPIs, NEO / Investment Banks, Payment Gateways, Broking & others. Get all queries at one place!

Aggregator Models

Aspiring to be one of the largest aggregator models in one place. Aims to deliver fast, quick & reliant services to our clients!

Best in Class Deals

We offer the best services financial experience to our clients & make them rewarding. Just because we were incepted to deliver the best!

Employee Benefits

Bringing on the finest ecosystem that country has ever experience, employees get cash rich, full on double bonus experience on their financial journey!

Indirect Earnings

Get 15% to 30% Earnings. For every single stuff done by corporate users of the card, whether Shopping, Financial Purchase or Others

Unlimited Savings

Apart from Employees Benefits, Retained Earnings, Save Unlimited by using our Corporate & Other Financial services!

How your employees
get benefited?

Discover the advantages of corporate engagement, customized financial solutions, and exclusive corporate cards for your employees.

Corporate Engagement

Businesses engage with Finclick to enhance their financial processes and solutions.

Corporate Card Issuance

We issue exclusive corporate cards for your employees, making financial transactions more efficient.

Customized Solutions

Receive tailored financial solutions to meet your business requirements.

Employee Benefits

Your employees can access cashbacks, rewards, and exclusive offers through our corporate cards.

Cost Savings

Experience cost savings and efficiency improvements in your financial operations.

Dedicated Corporate Support

Our dedicated corporate support team ensures your business's financial needs are met.

Get 5X Corporate Success:

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Now get employee benefits, corporate needs, indirect corporate earnings & industry tie ups and much more.