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Welcome to the Finclick Merchant Program, where potential meets prosperity. Whether you're a restaurant owner, influencer, or merchant, our program offers a gateway to unlimited earnings and benefits.


Fill on the details

Now get Started & fill on the application form. Sign up, Fill on the details, our dedicated RM will contact you!


Make the payment

Once you Sign up, Fill on the details the payment link will appear.


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After making a payment, you will get acknowledgment on your registered email ids. Finclick Team will deliver welcome kits, brochure, standees & much more.


Sit, relax & start earning for lifetime

Once you are onboarded as a merchant, we will appoint a dedicated relationship manager who will take care of all your business needs!

Why choose us?

Whether you're a restaurant owner, influencer, or merchant, our program offers a gateway to unlimited earnings and benefits.


Earn abundant rewards. Enjoy cashbacks, gifts, and bonuses, making every transaction more gratifying.

Lifetime Earnings

Secure lifelong earnings. Get 7.5% for life as users engage with our products.


Boost brand visibility. Showcase your offers and coupons on our website, emails, and SMS.

Mumbai Impact

Expand in Mumbai. Increase sales and brand awareness in this thriving market.


Personalized Support. Benefit from a dedicated Relationship Manager to assist you.

Brands that trust us


&more 300+

A Real World Case Study

Supposing you're a hotel/restaurant/gym owner or an influencer/merchant, with your referral code, around 950 clients purchase cards in a year.

Out of these, 300 actively use the card, with an average user making Rs. 5,00,000/- in transactions annually with a 7.5% payout. Your potential annual earnings for these 300 users would be Rs. 1,12,50,000/-, plus an additional one-time payout of Rs. 47,500/-

How Your Clients Benefit?

Gifts & Rewards

Clients receive a range of benefits, including cashbacks and gifts, enhancing their financial experience.

Free Algo Strategy

Clients gain access to a valuable lifetime Algo Strategy, worth Rs. 12,000, for informed financial decisions.

Exclusive Offers

Clients have the exciting chance to win exclusive offers, including Mega World Tour Packages.

Merchant Earning Potential

At Finclick, we empower our merchants to break free from traditional earning constraints, allowing them to explore remarkable growth opportunities.

Your potential for earnings extends beyond the ordinary, providing limitless possibilities for financial success. Join us to redefine your financial journey today and experience a world of new possibilities.

Earnings beyond limits: A Finclick merchant is not bound by conventional earning limits. The potential is astounding.

Exponential growth: From Rs. 65,000 to Rs. 1 Crore+ per month, merchants can witness exponential growth in their income.

Limitless opportunities: The earnings scale with the number of cards sold, offering limitless opportunities for financial success.

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Our average merchants earns

/- per annum

Ready to embark on a journey of financial opportunities and unlimited earnings? Become a Finclick merchant and transform your business.